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Today we announced that Scott Engstrom has joined JumpCloud as SVP of Engineering. This is yet another incredible milestone in a very busy year for our company. While funding is what gets the most headlines, we think what is most interesting is why we are able to raise $225 million. Very simply, it is because we are building a platform that has an opportunity to change how every business with employees runs. JumpCloud is not industry specific; it is not for enterprises only. A cloud directory platform literally is the backbone of how work gets done. It is why JumpCloud’s vision is Make (Remote) Work Happen®. 
We, of course, do have a focus. We focus on IT teams that work in small and medium sized enterprises. These teams are faced with an ever expanding number of resources that employees must be able to access securely. And the tools needed to manage those resources keep growing, requiring more and more complexity in the backend. 
It is too much. 
JumpCloud offers an open, directory platform that can manage access to any resource, from any location, on any device. And that is a solution that solves a lot of IT challenges. 
As a result, we are growing fast – in fact, we are in hyper growth. We have over 150,000 organizations on the platform and that number is accelerating. That growth is exciting and rewarding validation of our vision for an open, standards based cloud directory, and underscores how relevant JumpCloud is for IT teams trying to support modern work. But this growth does not come without new challenges. We need to be sure our platform can scale and perform with the same reliability for 100,000 customers as it has when we have 5,000 customers. And we need to continue to deepen existing functionality in areas like identity and device management, as well as add new functionality. 
That is a big ask of our engineering teams. To deliver for our customers, we need to hire the best talent and give them access to the best tools and infrastructure. (Read more…)
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