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Access governance or identity governance and administration (IGA) is an important part of identity and access management (IAM) that seeks to mitigate the risks associated with end users having unnecessary access levels and permissions. Access governance and control is important for organizations of all sizes to ensure that: 
Without an IGA solution in place, your organization sits at higher risk for failing an audit, experiencing an otherwise preventable external data breach, and even internal threats due to disgruntled employees.
Plus, given the prevalence of remote work, the pace at which many organizations need to scale, and the sheer number of IT resources that users now connect to on a daily basis, a comprehensive IAM solution that enables access control and governance is essential. A tool like this should include True Single Sign-OnTM (True SSOTM) capabilities that allow users to connect to virtually any IT resource via SSO while providing IT increased control over identities, devices, and access.
There are many point solutions on the market, including web app SSO solutions, that address various identity and access management issues. However, organizations want to see it all in one place, from a single provider. In response, the market has begun a shift from the traditional layered approach that requires IT to buy and maintain a variety of disparate tools. The result? IT teams can view on a macro level the power of a comprehensive IAM and SSO platform that centralizes identities and access and allows for complete access governance.
To be clear, True Single Sign-On is not the same as web application single sign-on. 
Web app SSO allows users to efficiently sign in to one type of IT resource, web applications, and is typically layered on top of an on-prem directory service, such as the legacy Microsoft Active Directory.
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