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We tend to think about the things that actively thwart attackers as good security, but in truth every action we take contributes to improving our security posture. Under the theme of Do Your Part, #BeCyberSmart, this newsletter highlights the releases, events, and articles developed in the name of implementing good security at all levels.
The strategic investment with CrowdStrike, Atlassian, and others announced this month demonstrates our commitment to this: solving urgent security and IT management challenges faced by SMEs around the world.
Learn more about the advancements in privilege management, user account continuity, same-day support for major OS releases, and more across the JumpCloud Directory Platform.
One of the most challenging aspects of securely managing Linux environments is getting a grip on sudo permissions: namely, who should have them, and who actually has them. The traditional path to limit sudo access is manual and time-consuming, and the process is too often abandoned altogether for the sake of efficient privilege escalation.
With this release, admins can now manage Sudo/Admin privileges at the group level, creating a more efficient and secure means of elevating admin permissions on a device. This release offers admins two additional options for assigning Admin/Sudo permissions: 
Find Out How To Set Sudo/Admin Privileges Through Groups
Sometimes good security is the byproduct of improvements made elsewhere; this is especially true with the latest advancements in JumpCloud’s SCIM capabilities. In this release, IT admins can now create new users and more complete user identities within JumpCloud from any application with a configured SCIM outbound integration. 
This ability to import users and profile data significantly reduces overhead, eliminating manual efforts that take too much time, add support costs, and open the door to human error. This also makes the transition away from a non-standard application that acts as the identity source easy to migrate.
Learn How To Use (Read more…)
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