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It’s no secret that the onset of the coronavirus pandemic was a challenging time for workers everywhere. IT professionals in particular faced significant difficulties in reshaping their environments for remote work. In an April 2021 survey conducted by JumpCloud, 66% of IT professionals reported feeling overwhelmed at work. 
However, new data from a JumpCloud survey conducted in October of this year indicates that things are looking up for SME IT admins. Responses indicated increased happiness, lower stress, and a positive future outlook. The survey also dove into what IT professionals are thankful for and what’s on their wish list this season. Read on to learn how IT admins are faring as they close out 2021 and look forward to 2022. 
The onset of the pandemic was tumultuous and overwhelming for many IT professionals as they worked tirelessly to help their organizations and coworkers adopt remote work. In April 2021, we found that 66% of IT professionals felt overwhelmed at work. But now that the world has begun to settle into long-term remote work, only 55% reported feeling overwhelmed when asked this October. 
While 55% is substantially less than the 66% we saw earlier this year, it’s still a significant amount of stress. This may be due to the challenges they’ve faced since the start of the pandemic; their top three were migrating to remote work, ongoing management of remote workers, and device management. Security is also an ongoing concern: security breaches, hacker attacks, and ransomware attacks were the scenarios respondents overwhelmingly deemed the scariest. 
Despite these challenges, IT professionals seem to have a positive outlook: 82% of IT admins reported having the same or increased level of happiness in their job than they felt a year ago. Respondents also reported feeling confident in their work performance and voice: 79% felt that they were meeting their employers’ expectations, and 76% agreed that decision-makers listen to their recommendations.
This positivity in the (remote) workplace radiated out to IT professionals’ take on the holidays this year. When asked what (Read more…)
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