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After evaluating hundreds of businesses and products, the Cloud Awards named JumpCloud a finalist in the Best Software as a Service (SaaS) in the U.S./SMB category. 
The Cloud Awards seeks to identify, promote, and celebrate innovation in cloud computing. Aside from Best SaaS, the Cloud Awards includes categories like “Cloud Project of the Year,” “Most Innovative Use of Data in the Cloud,” and “Best Place to Work in the Cloud.” It has been awarding companies for success in cloud innovation for 10 years. 
JumpCloud’s SaaS offering stands out for its focus on both the admin and the user experience. It constantly seeks feedback from all its users to learn where it can improve and how it can make the JumpCloud experience even better. The following were a few notable releases and improvements made to the JumpCloud platform in 2021 that demonstrated its eligibility for the Best SaaS award.
By 2021, many companies had made the initial shift to remote work, and the name of the game became adapting to and improving the remote experience. To help companies meet these new challenges, JumpCloud focused on improving its platform with features that would reduce friction, heighten security, and facilitate seamless resource access from anywhere. The following were some of the notable releases that contributed to this goal, which you can also read about in the 2021 JumpCloud Year in Review.
In early 2021, JumpCloud released conditional access policies, which allow IT admins to specify login requirements based on identity, device, and network security at the time of login. Conditional access boosts login security while delivering a better user experience — users logging in from a secure environment are allowed to bypass MFA, while users logging in under questionable conditions may be prompted to complete MFA or denied access until they can login from a more secure environment. 
Soon after its conditional access policy release, JumpCloud released Zero-Touch Mac Enrollment. Zero-Touch facilitates remote Mac configuration and enrollment in the JumpCloud platform, allowing IT admins to onboard employees (Read more…)
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