There are many ways to do DevSecOps, and each organization — each security team, even — uses a different approach. Questions such as how many environments you have and the frequency of deployment of those environments are important in understanding how to integrate a security scanner into your DevSecOps machinery.
The ultimate goal is speed — how fast you can scan a new deployment. There are, of course, many barriers that will slow things down, including these:
Probely is among the security companies looking to help security teams move the needle via its web application and API vulnerability scanners, which scans and exposes vulnerabilities and provides a report of the findings with detailed instructions on how to fix them.
Probely CEO Nuno Loureiro and CTO Tiago Mendo joined AppSec Security Weekly to discuss the challenges of integrating a Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) scanner in DevSecOps and how to make the experience easier and more efficient.

Among the tips they offered:
This segment is sponsored by Probely. Visit to learn more about them and click here for the full episode!

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