(Take a deeper dive to learn how Data Theorem approaches API security, identifying your entire attack surface by discovering all APIs, hacking beyond the perimeter, and maintaining a superior security posture. Data Theorem empowers their customers with proactive ways to hack their APIs before attackers do. Courtesy of Data Theorem and YouTube.)

(Watch as Doug Dooley, COO at Data Theorem, provides analysis on the future of cloud security. Doug explains how Data Theorem’s newest product, Cloud Secure, expands beyond CSPM’s protection of infrastructure and network to a more app-centric approach to protect core assets like code and serverless functions through offensive and defensive toolkits. Courtesy of Data Theorem and YouTube.)

(Data Theorem delivers automated security for DevOps, ushering in a new era of DevSecOps, to help teams grow faster with fewer application security exposures. Courtesy of Data Theorem and YouTube.)
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Data Theorem Showcasing Hacker Toolkits at Black Hat USA 2021